Google Doodle Celebrates Czech Republic’s Freedom and Democracy Day

Happy Freedom and Democracy Day, Czech Republic!

The present Doodle remembers the Czech Republic’s Freedom and Democracy Day, a public occasion celebrated out of appreciation for two courageous student fights isolated by 50 years of history.

On November 15, 1939, Czech students in Prague took a chance with their lives to lead a dissent against the German powers that had involved what was then Czechoslovakia.

after 50 years, on November 17, 1989, a peaceful student show giving proper respect to those occasions started the start of the Velvet Revolution and the nation’s inevitable independence from Soviet standard.

The present Doodle portrays the Czech national flag, which was first planned in 1920 after the development of Czechoslovakia.

The shadings red, white, and blue were picked to join at any rate one emblematic shading from every one of the Czech, Slovak, and Ruthenian parts of the previous state.

Upon the foundation of the Czech Republic in 1993, the sprouting country held onto the design as a part of its new national identity.