Google Gemini on Android May Soon Experience a Significant Speed Increase

Google released Gemini as a reaction to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Although Gemini is currently far behind OpenAI’s offering in many areas, Google has been steadily enhancing it over the last few months. Along the way, the service is scheduled to be integrated to Gmail and will soon be available for desktop use with Google Chrome. On the other hand, the most recent feature discovered for Gemini may improve the AI chatbot’s capacity to respond to inquiries instantly.

Google developers are preparing to add “Real-time responses” to Gemini, according to renowned code hunter AssembleDebug. The name should give it away, but this function can provide users with real-time answers to their questions.

The toggle’s description on Google states that “Responses will show in real-time while in progress.” The toggle for the feature could be manually triggered by AssembleDebug from Gemini’s settings menu, suggesting that the capability may soon be available in the stable version.

Soon, Google Gemini for Android will Provide Real-Time Replies

As things stand with the Google Gemini app for Android, users will have to wait a little while before receiving a complete response. In the meantime, Gemini’s online version is one step ahead of the Android app as it can provide real-time responses. For certain anxious consumers who require prompt responses, the feature of instantaneous response is quite helpful.

In addition to saving time, the addition of real-time replies in Gemini improves customer satisfaction. It gives interactive communications with AI a human touch by enhancing the naturalness of chatbot interactions. Google’s attempts to incorporate a human component into its AI products are demonstrated by this update.

Meanwhile, AssembleDebug found that Google Gemini was working on other features besides real-time answers. On the same Gemini settings page, the code sleuth discovered a new “Use location from your device” checkbox. Users would be able to manage Gemini’s access to their location, as the name would imply.

When both functionalities will be included in the stable version of the Gemini Android app is still unknown. Nonetheless, the wait shouldn’t be too long because it appears that development is finished and problems are worked out.

It appears that Gemini is finally on the right track to catch up with the competition with ChatGPT after a rocky launch and early misunderstanding. Gemini, which depends on Android’s vast user base, is likely to become the default AI chatbot for billions of people globally in the near future.