Google includes an option to instantly delete your most recent 15 minutes of search history


Google is launching a new privacy feature for search that allows you immediately to delete your most recent 15 minutes of search history on mobile, the organization declared on Thursday. The new option was first uncovered close by a few other search and Chrome upgrades at I/O 2021 and is currently carrying out to everybody.

The option to delete your most recent 15 minutes of search history is as of now just accessible in Google’s iOS application and is gone to Android not long from now. On desktop, your options for deleting searches are restricted to setting your history to auto-delete every three, 18, or three years (year and a half is the default for new accounts), or deleting searches by hand.

Google says it just tracks your hunt history to “personalize” your experience when the “Web and App Activity” setting is enabled. Adding an approach to right away delete your history is incredible for your peace of mind, however it likewise implies you can get a portion of the advantages individuals who’ve set aside the effort to meddle with their settings get, without accomplishing the additional work. Consider it a crisis “oh no” button for awful, humiliating, or downright private searches. On the off chance that you’d prefer quite recently secure your searches from prying, non-Google eyes as opposed to delete them, Google likewise offers the option to password protect your search history.

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