Google Maps acquiring ‘safe routing’ option to help keep away from accidents

Google Maps is set to acquire a new “safe routing” option which will bring you down less accident-prone roads.

While most navigation applications, including Google Maps, prioritize the fastest possible route, it’s not generally important to get somewhere as fast as humanly conceivable. All things considered, the regular driver who isn’t in a hurry may wish to factor safety their drive.

As reported at Google I/O by Sundar Pichai, Google Maps is going to acquire a new “safe routing” option that factors in the current conditions of the streets, weather, and traffic when planning your trip. Rather than taking the fastest way, you’ll be coordinated to take a way that is more averse to have any abrupt stops, a common cause of motor vehicle accidents.

As indicated by Pichai, Google’s objective for safe routing in Google Maps is to lessen the number of vehicular accidents every year by upwards of 100 million.