In the global business, it is trite that the level of competition entrepreneurs face is a high one. Whether you are involved in a large-scale business or small-scale enterprise competition is intense because of the surging population of entrepreneurs. Presently, everyone is looking to avoid the four walls of the corporate world, but rather be bosses of their businesses.

Debashish Talukdar has mastered what is called “brand differentiation”, and acquired skills and knowledge sufficient enough to make his company unique. He creatively applied his skills to the development of his company, Valetudo, a cooperative company working with the science community to invent virus-killing devices.

Valetudo manufactures special devices that eradicate and destroys the infectious viruses and bacterias found on surfaces by breaking their DNA and RNA in food components. In addition, the machine uses a blockchain consensus technology for brand transparency between the hospitality industry and its customers. 

What makes Valetudo a unique company?

One of Valetudo’s selling points is that it is was established out of necessity. The company came at a time where the global health and hospitality industry was in dire need of more helping hands. With the ravaging impact of the pandemic on the health sector, the adverse effects quickly spread across to other sectors. The hospitality industry suffered a huge economic blow as hotels, bars, restaurants and so on, were not as lucrative and profitable as before. 

“Most of us come from a marketing background and mainly focused on the hospitality industry. Covid knock that industry to rubble and our companies were no longer an economic option. So we needed to rethink and come up with how we can get our industry back to profitability,” Debashish says.

The onus is on every entrepreneur to think of creative ways for the company, as well as apply these creative ideas to already acquired skills and knowledge. This will help your brand become noticeable among other existing ones. 

“We dug deep into our marketing experiences and realized Valetudo was the best option to market in the new economy,” He further adds.

In addition to this, your brand will be a standout one if you focus on viability. It is essential to have a business that is superior to other competitions, with actions to show for it. Valetudo takes pride in the uniqueness of its products and can assure that it will serve the purpose it is created for. 

“We know our product and vision. The technology is cutting edge and with an expertise in marketing, this venture is an exciting one. Our products are affordable and superior to any competition,” Debashish states.

Your brand will be unique and your business will stand out if it will last for a long time. Customers will be sure to come back if they can vouch for your product’s durability. Debashish Talukdar properly fit this aspect into his device by ensuring that the effects are long-term.

“Valetudo is well-scripted, we studied the current market and are offering a long-term solution for businesses and their customers, as well as creating a global immune system,” he says.