Google’s new Entertainment Space for tablets expands on Android TV development

On Wednesday, Entertainment Space for Android tablets was reported, and we brought up the similitudes to Google TV. That is generally because of the way that Google is utilizing the current development idea of Android TV channels for the homescreen tablet experience.

Google today definite how third-party apps can be remembered for this “content-forward, immersive media experience” that replaces Discover and has its spot at the left of Android homescreens on selected tablets.

In making Entertainment Space with three tabs for Watch, Games, and Read, Google needed to “reduce integration overhead for partner mobile apps” by utilizing the current Android TV channels model. To be specific, designers need to familiarize themselves with “Channel” and “Program Recommendations,” as well as “Watch Next.”

The development process, with full instructions accessible today, can be just about as basic as adding the right library and supplanting Android TV references all through a current application. Then, the “Home channels for mobile apps” document on the just-revamped Android Developers website links to the essential library and gives extra documentation. There’s additionally an APK test tool to “verify how the integration works.”

The first Google Entertainment Space tablets are launching this month.