How this autonomous water-robot is turning the heads around by cleaning water-bodies efficiently!

The prevalence of water-robots is no secret nowadays, but the problem of water pollution still remains unaddressed. It all comes down to the integration of technology, efficiency and sustainability of such products to deal with a holistic problem in a comprehensive way. This is where WasteShark, one of its kind water-robot, is turning the heads around with its efficient and credible make-up.

Developed by RanMarine, WasteShark comes with excellent features and capabilities. The water-robot can clear up to 500 kgs of debris each day, backed by a swim time of around 10 hours. WasteShark is a unique product that floats across the water surface with its mouth wide open, collecting trash to make the water body pollution-free. The best thing about this water-robot is that it doesn’t harm the marine life as the shark-like vehicle gently motors along the oceans, lakes and ponds.

RanMarine is known for designing industrial autonomous surface vessels for ports, harbors and other marine and water environments. However, WasteShark has emerged as the company’s best product as it has been deployed across various countries, offering result-oriented solutions. On the back of such innovative products, the company has also attracted funding from Boundary Holding, a Rajat Khare-led global investment firm. 

Water pollution has been a huge problem, especially with heaps of plastic waste piling up on the surface of the water bodies, causing danger to both marine and human lives. The authorities have been longing for a comprehensive solution to deal with the issue of water pollution. RanMarine’s WasteShark has come up as a complete product for the private and government entities looking for a durable and affordable solution to clean up water bodies in an effective manner.