“I Got You” by Musata was selected as the best music on Beatport

As we see today, ranking music in popular music programs is very enjoyable, users can listen to the top music of the day, week, month, and year and enjoy them.

 One of the most reputable programs is Beatport. In 2021, after the release of the song “I Got You”, we saw that this music quickly entered the rankings in popular and various programs, and in less than a month, it reached the 54th rank in a program such as Beatport.  But Musata’s goal was to release better songs, such as the show’s top ten, and by mid-2022, Beatport could be ranked number one on the Trap chart. In this story, however, Beatport was not the only successful program for Musata. After this step, he looked at the higher steps and was able to bring his song to the first rank in the Electro House chart and achieve another honor.