The Crypto-Wiz/Influencer Eljaboom: From Building Crypto-portfolios to having Big Aspirations!

Many Crypto-influencers have been influencing the crypto-community since the inception of the industry, but only a few are noteworthy. We have seen everything ranging from tweets to announcements from these influencers but only a few of the lot, take a path to make a difference and Eljaboom is one of them. Eljaboom has been a prominent face in the crypto-industry thanks to his deep and reliable understanding of the market.

Eljaboom has been key to many strategic investments made by many top-tier projects around the Globe. Eljaboom also has to his privilege of associating himself with the great minds of the industry including his relationship with the CEO/founder of Binance, CZ.

The Binance Story: Eljaboom:

Eljaboom is known for his associations in the Industry and with little to no time, he has emerged from being associated with the top leagues to being one. Eljaboom has been a part of educating the masses about crypto from its inception and now the tech-crypto-based entrepreneur/influencer is turning it up a notch.

One of his recent ventures was with Binance where he has associated himself with the masterminds behind the Binance smart chain and organized AMA sessions with the African community to educate them about everything that involves cryptocurrencies. Eljaboom has hosted the Binance Smart Chain’s AMA session for Africa on February 14th, 6:00 PM UTC. He was also joined by Altcoin Daddy and Snowlink who are also a part of the crypto-influencer community aligned with the vision of Eljaboom.

Eljaboom believes that with this session, he plans to rope in more people to join the world of trading with cryptocurrencies and aims to eradicate the common misconceptions and rumors that one hears when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

The talks about hosting the event started well ahead by making viral rounds on Twitter. In a very recent tweet from the CEO of Binance, CZ, he mentioned that he was honored to be associated with the Crypto influencer and plans on working on many things involving crypto soon.

Eljaboom’s Early life:

Most of his fans are curious to know how their favorite influencer started in the crypto world and when asked about it, Eljaboom said that when he started hearing about crypto and things around it, he wasn’t determined about the money that it came with but was impressed by the industry itself. He said that you will be able to reap the biggest rewards from the industry if you just understand it and for understanding it, you need patience. He said that while working at different jobs for a living, he used to make time to learn a little about the world of crypto and all that learning has summed up to what he is today.

Eljaboom not only became a wizard in the crypto-world, but he also went on to start his own company, Ajoobz. Ajoobz is probably one of the most sought-after, crypto-portfolio advisor companies in the world thanks to Eljabooms working strategies on the market and the impeccable team that he has built to lead the company. The company’s top positions are hoarded by some of the best minds of the world who have previous experience working with the big-fours of Silicon Valley.

Eljaboom says that all of this was possible because of the number of jobs and the experience that he gained from all of it. Eljaboom also said that when you are looking forward to creating the change you start from yourself and that is the reason why the Twitter handle of the influencer is loaded with Crypto-facts that helps 520K+ followers till date to make smart decisions with their portfolios.

Apart from hosting AMAs, Events, Influencing people daily with their crypto-investments, Eljaboom also believes in giving back to society. The influencer is actively seen participating in giveaways, social-building opportunities and reaches out to all the underprivileged folks with his work.

Eljaboom plans to make it to mars and start afresh his career as a farmer in the near future. When asked behind the reason for an aspiration like that he says, when you constantly challenge yourself, that is when you create a difference, and when you drive that difference, that is when you make an impact.

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