How to Choose the Best Phone Case for Your New iPhone?

The iPhone 14 will be released soon and all Apple fans are waiting for it eagerly. A phone case is pretty necessary for a newly purchased phone. Today, we picked two best-selling cases from the top-notch phone accessory brand TORRAS and highlighted the technologies these cases are based on. Let’s uncover their best-selling secret now!

The first one is TORRAS Guardian Series. It is known for its high protection. The translucent case has always been some user’s first choice when they’re selecting a phone case. Compared with phone cases in other materials and appearance, translucent cases show a sense of mystery and sophistication which makes them deeply favored by business people. There are many reasons for users to choose a translucent case. TORRAS Guardian series has always been one of the best sellers among the product line. Its translucent back design does not just ensure its beauty, but also reduces the unsightly fingerprints left on the phone case so that users won’t be embarrassed about it. Besides its good-looking appearance, TORRAS also takes into account the user’s feelings. The Guardian series has a good texture which makes it feel right at hands. Considering the long hours people spend on their mobile phones, a good texture is of great importance.

When it comes to what may be the factor users care about most, it’s definitely the protection over the phone. TORRAS Guardian series has done a great job at it, which may be one of the reasons why people choose it. After our interviews with TORRAS R&D team members, we know that the “X-SHOCK” is the key. It’s the exclusive drop protection technology that’s used in the Guardian series. There are four airbags set in each corner and are shaped like the letter “X”, which is why it got this name. By enhancing cushion against collision, this technology protects your phone from edge to edge. Even better, the Guardian series is designed to put those X-SHOCK airbags inside the phone case, which enables it to reach a balance between appearance and protection.

On the other hand, some users will choose the clear case to show the gorgeous design of the new iPhone while giving it the protection it deserves. It is especially common after a new iPhone is released. Using a clear case is the best way to show people that you are a real geek. But the clear cases always become yellow just after one week. This is particularly annoying and embarrassing. To solve this urgent problem of the transparent cases, the TORRAS team made great efforts to optimize the anti-yellow technology and bring Diamond Series to us. We interviewed some members from the R&D department of TORRAS, and got to know that they adopted a brand new technology, the Blue Powder Technology, to slow down the yellowing process of the TPU cases. The Blue Powder Technology refers to using some chemical elements to offset the yellow, making the case appear more crystal clear. Besides, they also optimized the ratio of the blue powder, ensuring the optimum properties against anti-yellow. The long-lasting transparency that Diamond Series offers definitely makes it the best choice for those who love clear cases.

After a review of the past version of the Guardian Series and Diamond Series, we may expect a better version of them. The day after the Apple iPhone 14 goes live, some new ranges of cases from TORRAS will go with it. So let’s expect the new series and the upgraded technology in it. Stay tuned for the surprises they will bring to us!