How To Grow Instagram Followers _MASTER GUIDE_

If you follow these useful tips, you will undoubtedly see an enhancements in your follow-up, as well as a commitment when you post your artwork.

1) Optimize your profile for Instagram

Make sure that you have completed every feature as precisely as you can while building your Instagram profile. You can also use an Instagram marketing service like for this task.

This ensures that you provide a summary, simple photo likes or video views and automate the contents whenever possible.

If you optimize your Instagram profile similarly to how you optimize your web site, it’s automatically easier for your desired public to discover.

2) Follow, and in return you will be followed

You need to widen your social network when you first create your Instagram, so your only audience is Uncle John, Auntie Kemila and some of your colleagues.

It is like saying “Hi,” following another user account. “With an Instagrammer colleague and will inspire them with join you in return.

You would automatically develop your audience as your social impact grows by working with existing Instagram accounts if you can follow the right people and get them to follow you.

Suitable ideas for Instagram artists include: Instagram

Additional artists


Exhibitions Exhibitions

Places and objects from which you are inspired



3) Remain involved in your account


Effective social media marketing requires planning and dedication, so you need to develop a realistic strategy for what you’re going to post, how often and how you’re going to put this into your routine!

Not saying that you should give priority to posting on Instagram over processing orders, but if you’re going to do that on Instagram and turn it into a successful sales channel for your artwork, you need to keep the proverbial shop open.

4) Note, “Insta-worthy” is a term for a reason.

Instagram is full of stunning pictures from photographers and artists alike, and you need to make sure you ‘re in a position to deal with that.

When you share on Instagram, don’t sell your photo artwork or rushed stories that don’t say anything.

Instead, show your creations in a way that will have the greatest impact or show them in the best light.

This may involve adapting the context of your photos to the style of your artwork. E.g. Modern architecture with a history in urban design or landscape painting.

5) Keep the audience interested

Every budding marketer is well aware that you need to diversify your content when posting on social media.

It suggests that you need to build a variety of different products to keep the customers engaged and come back for more.

Here are a few suggestions for what you could include in your Instagram artwork account:

Photographs of your own art

Videos of your work of art

Memes that feature your work of art

Info Pictures

Shows the slides

Places that hold your artwork

Good feedback from the consumer


6) Get involved in the Instagram community

If you think of Instagram and other social media channels as a community, you’ll have far more success than if you just post what you want people to see.

It’s like friendship, if you’re not interested in the other guy, why would they want to take an interest in you?

One side of friendship just lasts too long, too make sure you give as much support as you get by engaging with people who are involved in your job.

It may include reporting on the work of fellow musicians, participating in group activities that are important to you, or posting material from influencers on your network.

7) Make sure everyone knows who made the masterpiece.

When uploading to Instagram, you will also have an item of your own personal brand – much like an online signature!

This way, people who consistently like your work of art will remember you as an artist and a business.

You could do any of the following to mark your Instagram posts:

Tag the account of your own

Connect links to the Instagram story

Add a watermark to your work of art

Add a logo to any of your artwork images

When to commit 1,000 followers on Instagram

As you can see, blogging on Instagram alone is not enough to raise your online profile and become a recognized artist in your field of expertise.