HungryPanda To Find The Best Taste From China With “Top Chinese Restaurants”

Popular Chinese food company HungryPanda is all set to take out its October campaign of “Global Top Chinese Restaurants”. In the roll out of this campaign it aims at bringing the best of the best for the world. This will be a list of top Chinese restaurants from across the globe.

The focus of this list will be on restaurants outside the People’s Republic of China. Chinese food is one of the most eaten foods worldwide. People love all the Chinese varieties. To bring it down to just a plate of noodles will be too reductive a thought. The palette of a Chinese is well evolved and it shows in their food.

The oriental food is quite aromatic. The fragrance of food is indicative of its taste. Taste can not be perceived devoid of colour in Chinese food. This is the reason why the use of colors in Chinese recipes are abundant. This is one basic element of any Chinese dish and can not be taken away from the dishes.

Another major element of Chinese food is its smell. The fragrance of Chinese food is quite unique to it. The unique smell of each food item secretes different digestive juices. This key element can not be taken away from a Chinese dish.

However, globally all kinds of Chinese food is served. It is amusing to see that sometimes Chinese food that is served in the most popular restaurants is also not very Chinese. The authenticity of the food is lost in either the pricing or the unwanted experimenting.

Local influence on Chinese food has been huge. A lot of dishes changed due to geography of the country and its climatic conditions. Lot of additions have been made in accordance with the availability of any specific ingredient in abundance.

All these factors have also ensured that the Chinese food business grows quickly. The Chinese food restaurant business is unstoppable. Globally, there are over 600,000 restaurants functioning outside of PRC alone.

One of the biggest questions is why do people love Chinese food so much? The answer lies in its nature of food. Chinese food is at the top of the pyramid of fast foods. This is a food that is loaded with nutrients but is also very quick to make. The recipes, if prepared authentically, can turn out to be magical. Its taste is addictive and food is quite healthy.

But not all the restaurants follow business ethics. There are a lot of restaurants that keep profit as their sole point of operation. Food business can not run with sole focus on profit. It requires a high amount of quality control and minute detailing.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. In this regard HungryPanda is compiling this list keeping customers in focus. The team involved in compiling this list of top restaurants will also be having consumers.

In fact HungryPanda has opened registrations online to enrol for giving feedback on the best Chinese restaurants. So, if you had one of the most memorable eating experiences in your favourite restaurant then you can share it with the world.

This survey is being done in 10 nations and over 100 cities. It will be shared on the HungryPanda app. The consumers can see it on the app as soon as it is prepared. The utility value of this survey is quite high for the consumers. It will help the consumers at the time of order placements. This will work as a suggestive tool for ordering from the best restaurant.

The prime focus of this survey is quality. So, for quality lovers it is certainly good news on their plates. According to the CEO of HungryPanda, Eric Liu, the list will take help from word of mouth, KOL’s experience and judges’ scores. Liu is confident that this list will provide a huge service to the app’s 1.5 million users.

The population of Chinese living outside will come to 55 million before 2022 begins. This rise in population has also amounted to the popularity of Chinese cuisine. This list will serve as a guidepost to this large population to choose their restaurant before ordering. Such a novel way of choosing the best taste of China.