Instagram Reels: You can now pin your favorite posts and reels, Instagram is now allowing

Instagram has at long last declared another element that will allow you to stick your #1 posts as well as Reels. The new component will allow you to feature your #1 posts at the highest point of the profile feed. The organization began testing this element back in April and the component is at last carrying out to every one of the clients who have been hanging tight for it.

Instagram Will Now Let You Pin Your Posts and Reels effortlessly
For the people who don’t have any idea, the choice to stick your number one Stories has been around for quite a long time. Nonetheless, doing likewise with posts or Reels was unrealistic. This is presently changing similarly as with the new framework sticking choice carrying out to everybody, clients can now stick up to three photographs or Reels to their photograph network.

To stick a photograph or Reel, you simply need to tap the three-spot button that shows up over the post and select “pin to your profile.” While it could appear to be superfluous, it really is a slick way that will allow you to feature your #1 posts, particularly on the off chance that they have been covered under the profile feed. makers who will quite often post a ton of content will see this as valuable, frankly.

To make things stunningly better, the stuck posts will involve the primary column with as of late transferred photographs and Reels appearing beneath them. It is exactly the way in which Twitter works with allowing you to stick a tweet to your own channel.

The new matrix sticking element is authoritatively out and is carrying out to everybody. As usual, the element would take some time before it arrives at each and every individual who is utilizing Instagram on Android and iOS.