International Award-Winning Speaker Didi Wong On Women Finding Their Place in the Luxury World


Throughout history, luxury and style have often revolved around women, and international award-winning keynote speaker Didi Wong is no stranger to it. Wong is recognized by many as a prominent entrepreneur, speaker, designer, producer, best-selling author, and mother and because of her omnipresence. That’s not all though, in June, she’s going to be adding a fashion style award to her long list of recognitions and accomplishments.

“I believe it’s an essential thing to put yourself out there. I love PR. My career started in PR, and I hold a degree in it. It’s very natural for me. It’s great to put yourself out there and have opportunities come to you because of it. Otherwise, how would anyone know about you or what you can do for them?” says Wong.

“I’m being honored with a fashion style award in June at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel for the MARsum conference, where I’m also going to be a keynote speaker. I’m not entirely sure how they found me. My guess was LinkedIn. See, that’s what I mean about PR, and when you put yourself out there, these start coming back to you in return,” says Wong.

The MARsum conference is a 3-day event happening in June that brings the world of marketing, advertising, and retail together—all areas of expertise for Wong. The MARsum conference’s goal is to bring the best minds in marketing, retail, fashion influence, and content creation for keynotes and other educational sessions to promote learning, knowledge sharing, and networking.  

“I’m honored to be invited to the MARsum conference in Vegas. It’s going to be a great event where the marketing, advertising, and fashion worlds come together to celebrate and recognize people who are making a difference in these areas. I’m invited as a keynote speaker and will be awarded a fashion style award,” says Wong.  

“I’ve always been inspired by both my parents in fashion, style, and being presentable, but never in a vain way. I learned from an early age that when you show up, you’ll always feel more confident and act more confident when you’ve dressed the part,” says Wong.

Wong is working to pass down her parents’ passion for style and fashion to her kids. “My mom used to let me read magazines to see what was in style and trendy. Now, I do the same with my kids and even let them pick out their own outfits. I believe we all have a responsibility to take care of ourselves. That’s why I love luxury traveling too,” says Wong.

“I’m not afraid to admit that I’m pretty snobby when it comes to travel. I work hard, and I enjoy spending my money on luxury travel and food. I’m willing to spend top-dollar for the best seats on Broadway or first-class tickets on an airplane. I’m proud to say that because it’s something I work really hard to be able to do,” says Wong.

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