Robert Simon Shares His Journey From Working At A Small Personal Injury Firm To Becoming A Co-Founder of Justice HQ

The Story Of Justice HQ and Its Co-Founder Robert Simon

Pittsburgh-based leading personal injury attorney Robert Simon is a passionate technology enthusiast. He has been practicing law for more than 10 years and has even set up an innovative online attorney membership platform called Justice HQ by integrating technology into the legal industry. He is now sharing how he founded Justice HQ and what led him to become a personal injury lawyer in the first place.

Robert’s wife has an interest in entrepreneurship. Once she informed Robert about her idea of setting up a coworking space for female entrepreneurs. However, soon they realized investing in real estate was very expensive for entrepreneurs. Robert being a lawyer realized the same goes for people like him as well. Newly graduated lawyers who want to become independent lack finances and that is how the creative juices in his mind started to flow.

In months, many lawyers began demonstrating interest in working for Robert and even 50 cases every week started to flow in. However, Robert and his team were unable to handle them all as some cases were far beyond their area of expertise. Teresa Diep, head of marketing at their firm, came to Robert and proposed to develop a WeWork zone where all their lawyers could be under the same roof. She wanted him to develop a platform where all these lawyers can be in one place, talk, and work together. They could then give the special cases to the best lawyer possible. It took them some time to build the tech and platform, but that’s how Justice HQ came to be.

Today, Robert lives in LA with his wife and two lovely daughters. He and his twin brother Brad founded Simon Law Group in 2010. Brad manages the development of systems and practice while Robert tends to the trials. Both the siblings have a degree in Criminal Justice from the George Washington University. Before setting up their firm, Robert worked at a small personal injury law firm for 3 years.

When Robert was 12, his uncle met with an accident that paralyzed him. Robert saw his uncle bear the chronic pain and how people were undermining it. That is when he decided to become a personal injury attorney and the rest needs no explaining. Robert has put his entire family in the law business. Justice HQ has helped Robert to provide new attorneys with a better work-life balance.