Invites to test Google Bard are being sent to some Pixel Superfans

After ChatGPT blew everyone away and started giving Microsoft products like Word and Bing a leg up, Google appears to have sped up the release schedule for its generative AI. Although Google Bard has been in development for years, it has not yet been released. Last month, the company made Bard available to reputable internal testers, but user feedback now suggests that the chatbot’s public debut may be imminent.

An email granting early access to Google’s large language model has been sent to some Pixel Superfans. Google states that only a small, “randomly selected” group of Pixel Superfans will be given the opportunity to participate, and the invite contains a link to a form that reportedly asks the user to verify their email address.

The recipients of this invitation do not have immediate access to Bard; after completing the form, they are informed that Google will respond shortly with additional instructions. Participants who sign up for the early access program will be able to “get started as soon as Bard launches,” which could happen at any time according to Google’s standards. However, the company has stated that it expects to make the tool more widely available to the public in a matter of weeks. This is what is stated in the email.

As opposed to a Knowledge Graph card or a list of links, Bard is expected to be integrated into Google Search and provide direct responses to your inquiries. LaMDA, a conversational AI model that Google unveiled in 2021, is used by the tool to contextualize data obtained from the internet and provide a straightforward response. When asked which instrument to try, the company offered some examples in February, including a bulleted list of constellations and a summary of the benefits and drawbacks of piano and guitar learning.

If you haven’t received this invitation email, you’ll probably have to wait for the public beta to try Google Bard because the Pixel Superfan program does not currently accept new members. In fact, a recent registration window closed almost as quickly as it opened. Try ChatGPT’s Tasker integration for Android if you feel like you’re missing out on generative AI features.