Luvmour & Luvmour – Educating for a Better Parents-Children Relationship

Relationship between parents and children plays a key role in the child’s overall development. It allows children to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. The more parents or guardians are attached to the children, the more creativity and development they adopt in their personalities. Home is the first school of every child and parents are the first teachers who create the mentality of the children both in good or bad ways, depending on the behavior of their parents. For instance, if parents do not develop an ideal bond with their child, the child might not learn crucial things in their lives that may help them in the future. The early years of every child are important in all aspects. Therefore, parents, guardians, or caretakers of each child must be well-prepared for how they should teach, behave, live, and create a relationship with their children. Although this stuff is not rocket science, there is a lack of awareness among parents. So, they need to educate themselves to become a better parent and create an ideal relationship with their child. When it comes to human development or creating a parents-children relationship, a couple comes to mind. This couple, known as Luvmour & Luvmour, are educators, human development specialists, authors, consultants, and public speakers. They provide professional consultancy to parents, caretakers, teachers, and guardians about maintaining a productive bond with their children.

Luvmour & Luvmour are basically husband-wife duos, who have been working together since the early 1980s. The husband, Ba Luvmour, and wife, Josette Luvmour, have created a human development program, known as Natural Learning Relationships (NLR). Their expertise in relationship-based education and consciousness studies allows them to educate the optimal well-being of both adults and children. Ba & Josette Luvmour met each other in 1979 and together they studied and explored consciousness studies. Both achieved their education in order to gain expertise and later served their contributions to teach parents and caretakers. Josette Luvmour went to Thomas Edison State College, where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2003. In 2006, she earned her Master of Arts degree in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University. Later in 2009, she completed her Ph.D. in Human Development; she also conducted her research on how adults and children grow together. Josette’s studies developed her expertise to become a professional educator in creating a relationship between adults and children, mainly parents and children.

On the contrary, Ba Luvmour went to Temple University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science in 1968. He later received his Master of Arts in Psychology in 1984 from Sonoma State University in California. The couple completed their studies, research, and fieldwork in order to gain expertise in consciousness, physical and cultural anthropology, spiritual philosophies, and transformational learning.

Josette Luvmour went through several years of traveling, education, and fulfilling her responsibility of raising a daughter before initiating her professional career. Initially, she worked as a co-director of a community preschool, and later she co-founded her own firm, Consulting LLC, in 1984. She started working along with her husband to serve children, families, and individuals with several consulting programs using Natural Learning Relationships (NLR). She also worked at Whole Family Vision with her husband, Ba Luvmour for a program named Teens and Toddlers. She created several experimental learning programs for students and families. She also worked as a director and co-founder at EnCompass Learning Center in California from 1984 to 2003. In the period 2008 through 2010, she provided several education courses at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and later served her services in the CEU department at Portland State University in 2013 and 2014. In 2017, Josette Luvmour co-founded Summa Institute, where she played her role as a director of teacher training and professional development programs. Josette also has been mentoring master’s students since 2016 and teaching as affiliate faculty at Antioch University.

On the contrary, Ba Luvmour started his career in the education sector in 1968 when he worked as an elementary school teacher in Philadelphia. In 1984, he joined Ramayana Preschool as a director and educator. He served as founder, director, and master teacher at Whispering Pines Charter School. In the late 90s, he created distance learning programs for child development. Ba also served as executive director of EnCompass School from 2000 to 2002. He served as a faculty member at Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning from 2011 to 2020. He has been mentoring and teaching students as an affiliate faculty at Antioch University.

Luvmour & Luvmour have contributed their services to educating parents in creating better relationships with children. The couple has also authored multiple books to educate the masses.