Jenelle Evans Suggests She Might Come Back To Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans might make a comeback in the reality TV show Teen Mom 2. Yes, you heard that right. She says that she might make an appearance in the reality show which is being run on the TV without the mother of the kids. Jenelle is not putting a goodbye stamp on the door. Jenelle Evans was fired from the TV series after the scandal of killing her dog. She clarifies that she was not fired from the popular reality show TV series. She says that she was only removed for one particular season because of the dog killing scandal with her husband.

Jenelle Evans is a troubled TV star. She does not have a stable relationship with her husband. They both have a lot of issues and troubles. They have even broken up several times. They announce breaking up and then getting back together. They don’t have a sound relationship with each other. They have to deal with their share of ups and downs in their relationship. Jenelle Evans keeps on changing her relationship status on facebook.

Jenelle Evans just recently lost her custody for four kids when her husband David Eason put a video of shooting their dog. This was seen as a brutal act from the couple. They had to face many issues because of killing the dog. MTV channel also fired her from the show she was being aired on.

Currently, you see her putting memes that she is over her relationship with her husband. While she is posting such memes on social media but she is not saying anything openly about her relationship with her husband. After the death of her dog, she announced to have a makeup line. Although looking at her troubled personality and her on and off relationship with her husband we can surely say that she cannot be the next Kylie Jenner. Even with millions of followers on Instagram, she was unable to make sales and earn profits. People might have a sour heart because of her killing her dog with her husband.

Barbara Evans, the mother of Jenelle Evans contacts the producers of Teen Mom 2 to open the doors for her daughter. She wants the channel to cast her daughter for the next season. Currently, Jade Cline is playing the part of Jenelle Evans. Jenelle Evans states that she is not out of work. She is just not being paid for the moment and will be approached by the channel soon.

MTV is not closing the doors for the star completely. They recently stated that they are not hiring Jenelle Evans for the coming season. This clearly shows that MTV might plan to work with the star in the future. Jenelle is also open to working with the channel. She says that she is currently waiting for the channel to give her a call and the opportunity to work with them. She has no harsh feelings for the Teen Mon 2 for not taking her for the upcoming season.