Learn when can you start filling taxes for 2021 with TaxAladin and all the updates by the Tax expert Eddy Aladin.

‘Tax Aladin’ serves as the most robust app and product bundle for making the process of filing American income tax returns as seamless and effortless as possible.

Everywhere corporates, business owners, entrepreneurs and other individuals are getting ready to start filing their income tax returns for the financial year. This could sound like a daunting task for some and hence first; it is imperative to understand how one can do that and then when can they begin with filing their taxes for the upcoming year 2021. Depending on one’s income level, age and filing status, an individual can know whether they have to file taxes or not. Other aspects like whether an individual qualifies for a refundable credit or received advanced premium tax credits for health insurance, would also get considered for filing returns.

For the upcoming year, individual and corporate tax returns are due by April 15, 2021, says Eddy Aladin, the head honcho of ‘Tax Aladin’, the one of a kind mobile application and product that makes everything simple and convenient for taxpayers on the tip of their fingers. An individual can also request for an extension in case he/she is unable to file on the return on time. However, Tax Aladin comes as a breath of fresh air for many corporates and individuals powered by AI software created by Eddy Aladin, who thinks the application can make everything hassle-free for people where the app can file their taxes on their behalf with 100% accuracy guaranteed.

Speaking about filing taxes for 2021, Eddy Aladin says that one can even file taxes electronically before the due date in April 2021. The IRS would let people know by the end of this year when they would accept electronic returns. Amid COVID times, Eddy Aladin points out that some have even received an Economic Impact Payment in 2020 as a stimulus payment as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). This will also affect the amount of taxes people owe for 2020 tax year.

Filing your taxes in 2021: What to remember this year
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that took effect in 2018 brought a lot of changes. And the United States Tax Code can be complex. That’s why “it’s important to review your tax situation every year “As life changes, so could your tax situation