Liptionary Cosmetics – Why it’s worth a million words

LIPTIONARY is one of the newest, most highly anticipated Beauty Brands to hit the market. It is a vegan, luxury brand that’s competitive and affordable. The products are cruelty free and are all made from scratch with the best quality in chemicals for the skin. It provides pure, efficient, and complementary looks. No harmful chemicals, It gives a unique glow without feeling guilty.

The brilliance of Liptionary made its mark in the peak of the west coast. The idea of it all stemmed in 2013 at a time when the founder was still trying to figure out what direction would work best for the brand. Three of our anticipated best sellers are Brain, Word and definition. When you indulge in the products you will see why it’s coined “Worth A Million Words”.

Every item has its own unique quality from scent to pure conditioning and treatment. Offering a variety of lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner, lip treatment vitamin C& E, lip scrub and lip masks. Liptionary is not just a product, it’s a Feeling, a Movement that has carefully evolved and will be a infinite staple in the world of beauty.

New Lip Line Launch: 1/1/21

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