Hamad Al-Yafei: from humble beginnings to building Alyafei law firm into a household name

We all have dreams for our professional lives that we work hard to achieve. Hamad Al–Yafei also had dreams as a teenager to build a successful law firm. Not only did he achieve his goal of starting and building his own law firm, also, he has become one of the top lawyers in Qatar.

Born in Doha, Qatar, 42 years ago, Al–Yafei had always wanted to be a lawyer – he wanted to help justice seekers. Advocacy was the one way he could help people with, and make positive impact in the world. After high school, he moved to Egypt to pursue a Bachelor degree in laws at the University of Cairo. In 2007 after graduation, he moved back to Doha to practice law, and later, he founded the Al-Yafei Law Firm.

The firm has since grown to be bigger than even Al-Yafei expected it to, a testament to his hard work and legal prowess. The full-service boutique law firm provides its clients with legal services in various practice areas such as Civil and Commercial Litigation, Construction Law, Corporate Law, Litigation and Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Criminal Law, and more.

Always wanting to further his legal knowledge, Hamad Al–Yafei enrolled at Qatar University for a Master’s of Laws and is set to graduate soon. Getting a Master’s degree is one way of ensuring that he has more knowledge to give his clients the best legal advice and services. Ever the academic, Al–Yafei has also done various short courses in law.

Over the years, Al–Yafei has become a leading voice in law in Qatar and is one of the most sought-after lawyers. As someone who is always updated in every new concept in law, he is always writing think pieces in various publications on different aspects of the law and lending his expertise to help people when required.

Hamad Al–Yafei has undoubtedly come a long way from the boy who once dreamt of being a lawyer to heading one of Qatar’s top legal firms. The experienced lawyer is at the pinnacle of his career and is on his way to being one of the world’s most reputable lawyers.