Mark Zuckerberg launches new Instagram features for makers to produce income

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared on Tuesday that Instagram will soon launch new features for makers to create income on the app.

Zuckerberg revealed to Adam Mosseri, top of the Facebook-owned social platform, in an Instagram Live that monetization is a significant part of the platform’s future.

“If this is going to be people’s job, they need to be able to make money doing it,” Zuckerberg said.

Maker shops are one of the manners in which Zuckerberg sees clients bringing in cash on the platform. They permit individuals to directly sell items to their followers through Instagram.

Another alternative for makers is an affiliate marketplace where they can bring in cash from sales of items they promote.

The last feature examined was unified with a “marketplace matching up creators with branded content.”

Makers would already be able to bring in cash from sponsorships on Instagram by posting content for a particular organization, yet the transaction doesn’t occur directly through Instagram.

This feature would permit makers to be found effectively by brands, with the transactions going through the app also.

Zuckerberg didn’t say when these features would be released.

“We’re gonna build that out, and it’s going to have very favorable terms for the creators, so we’re not building this from the perspective of us trying to make more money,” Zuckerberg said.