Matter controllers are currently Android and Google Nest devices (for future devices)

Matter’s promise—the day when smart home devices seamlessly integrate with your existing electronics and speakers—just got a little closer today. Google announced that Nest and Android devices are Matter-enabled, making it possible for them to control and set up other Matter devices, the majority of which do not yet exist.

You can pair a Matter-compatible device with other Matter products and controllers using your Android device if it runs version 8.1 or later and has Google Play Service 22.48.14 or later. This means that you can pair a few Eve devices that received a Matter firmware update three days ago in these early Matter days. Alternately, you can wait for Level smart locks, a few Nanoleaf bulbs, or whatever else is coming. The same (very limited) group of Nest devices can now be controlled by Nest devices that have quietly received the most recent firmware updates.

The fact that you could technically use an Android phone to add an Eve device to your Matter network and then use an iOS Home app, Samsung’s SmartThings, or an Alexa speaker to actually control that device (when those apps are updated in early 2023) is the current draw. Alternately, a Google Nest Hub, speaker, or other Nest device could be used to control devices you brought onto the network with an iOS device.

The addition of “Matter support for Fast Pair on Android” was also announced by Google. This indicates, to the best of our knowledge, that when a Matter device is in close proximity (advertising itself over Bluetooth), a pop-up prompt and network-adding flow akin to Google’s for Pixel Buds and other friendly devices will guide you through connecting your device to your network and nudge you toward controlling it with Google Home. You should look for devices with a Matter badge to ensure compatibility, but you should also “also look for the Works with Google Home badge” to ensure they “work well with Google devices,” as Google states in a blog post.

The Nest Wifi Pro, Nest Hub Max, and second-generation Nest Hub should now function as Thread border routers, expanding Thread coverage in your home even if you are not using Google Home to control it, which is more helpful for any future Matter home.

Matter should be enabled on the Google Home and Google Home Mini, as well as the Audio, first- and second-generation Hubs, Hub Max, and Wifi Pro. In 2023, the Nest Wifi and Thermostat are expected to be upgraded.