Meet Vishal Mehta who talks about his gear, endorsements and much more that he uses on stage, in recordings or at home during his practice.


Vishal Mehta is a well known drummer, based in New Delhi. He plays with Euphoria & Vishal Mehta Live. We are here to talk about his gear & technical aspect behind his work, he prefers while recording with his band and doing sessions with other artists on & off the stage.

  • Gear.

Let us know more about his gear, what he is using on & off the stage.

Currently, he is endorsing, Zildjian Cymbals, Vater Drumsticks, Yamaha Drums (Acoustic), Evans Drumheads, Cympad, GrooveJuice & Roland (Electronics)

  • Early days.

He says, when he started, he never had his own drum-kit. He used to practice on his college drum kit during those days, where he used to spend his time mostly practicing. He, since then, wanted to explore as much as gear and technical aspect required behind that instrument. He spent most of his time reading about music, watching videos (whatever he could as in those days YouTube/Facebook/Insta weren’t available), and practicing drums. He was very much influenced by the drummers from the time between late 40’s – 70’s like Vnnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd & Dennis Chamber and the new drummers from now like Aaron Spears, Larnell Lewis to name a few.
He is also proud to share that he is the only drummer from Delhi, ZILDJIAN DRUM CLINIC in 2019 for Aaron Spears (US) and represented ZILDJIAN INDIA.

  • Playing YAMAHA more than 3 years now.

He got his first ever professional break when he played his first gig with Crimson, an English alternate band composed of Aditi Singh sharma (Now Bollywood playback singer), Gaurav Balani, Bhaskar Gurung and him. Along with this, he got to play on a major drum kit first time ever which was “Yamaha Stage Custom”.

He said, “I remember the time I played that drum kit continuously for 2 hours or more and it felt like so effortless and not tiring at all sitting behind the kit! So then I decided my first gear would be only Yamaha drum kit whether I buy it or endorse it. But, Now here I’m endorsing “Yamaha” drums. God has been so kind!

  • I am currently playing ZILDJIAN.

He said, “the journey continues and after that I joined the band, “Groove Adda” for which I payed for 7 years continuously, travelled all over in & out. This actually changed my life. During this span I got my skills out, met so many people and then got a chance to meet Inayat, one of my dearest friend, who used to work for ZILDJIAN then. He approached me for Zildjian endorsement which was my first endorsement, even before Yamaha. I loved those cymbals already and I straight away said a yes to that. ( Now, It’s been more than 4 years and I am happily playing & endorsing these beautiful cymbals!)

The Band got disband (I am talking about Groove Adda), I remember it was 2014-15 when this happened and I got some time off to think and shape myself. I then started writing my own music on & off, and fortunately after a month I got a chance to play with “Nasya – A sufi set up” where I was with them for 4years.

  • Playing VATER DRUMSTICKS – MY SIGNATURES more than 3 years now.

During the same period I got a call from EUPHORIA, I think it’s July 2015 when I played my first gig with the band and the journey continues. It’s been more than 5 years we are enjoying entertaining people all over. During this period I got to endorse VATER DRUMSTICKS. Now I have my own signature drumsticks which you can buy from Amazon (Pan India), Raj Musicals (Delhi) and All Music Mart.

  • Now, no looking back, I am fortunate to have EVANS DRUMHEADS, CYMPAD, GROOVE JUICE and ROLAND (Electronics) as endorsements and I would say one of the best products I have used and using till date.

Last but not the least to mention, He is all gear up to release his second album “Only You” in the coming year 2021 where the above mentioned gears have been used during the process of recording.

I cannot thank my companies enough, the way they have supported me through out this beautiful journey I had. I would like to thank Sanjeev & Shamsher from Raj Musicals (Offline partner/Video) KK, Vivek & Rajinder from Roland, Joe Testa & Arindam from Zildjian, Saby from Vater, Mohd Rehan & Abhishek from Yamaha, Dave from Groovejuice, Reto from Cympad, Tarun & Rothang from Daddario. He says.

Thank You.

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