Miguel Garcia Sepulveda: Diamond Producer Of The Real Estate Company Miramar International Inc.

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it” — Henry David Thoreau

When Miguel started working as a real estate agent, he wasn’t looking for success. He worked out of the passion in his heart for this industry and it lead him to be the Diamond Producer of the year! Not just that, his team is the team of the year at Miramar International Inc.

Miguel boasts over a decade of experience in the real estate industry and has deep roots in California. He excels in navigating the complicated terrain of short sales, REO, traditional real estate, Divorce Sales, Wholesale of properties and Flips. He started his real estate career in 2007. He was working at a warehouse and met a friend who offered Miguel a real estate assistant position to his brother in 2006. Later that year he received his real estate license which he managed to acquire on his first attempt in 2007.

He started selling real estate to his friends and family and soon made connection in the real estate community. Miguel also passed the real estate exam for the license to practice. It’s a big step to pass the real estate exam, get the license, and start a new business. Many new real estate agents fail in their first year or two. However, it’s no surprise that he has consistently ranked among the top 10 percent of agents in Miramar International Inc.

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