Million Dollar Record Label CEO and Certified Pastry Chef Rocky Lee Helping Millions Achieve Their Dreams

“Money doesn’t make a boss, actions do” – Rocky Lee

Started off as studying to be a culinary chef, Rocky Lee was studying culinary sciences at 16 in school when he realised that his real passion still lies in music, something that he has practiced all his life. Today, he is a million dollar manager for his own million dollar record label where he now funds and guides young artists to further their career in music.

At the age of 18, Rocky started as a DJ and worked on enhancing his knowledge and skills in the hip hop scene. He was soon under the limelight when he gave rise to his own million dollar record label and invested in thousands of young and future talents in New York financing their international tours.

Today, Rocky is the CEO and a million dollar manager of his record label along with being a certified culinary and pastry chef. His business is worth 4 million dollars with overseeing multiple fruitful businesses generating millions annually. His belief to give back to the community by helping others has gained him a lot of popularity, precisely 120K + followers on Instagram.

Rocky is the perfect example of his own ideology – “Money doesn’t make a boss, actions do” as he has millions in spending to fund the tours of young artists and shaping their music careers.

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