New Galaxy Buds+ update a few Galaxy Buds Pro features

Subsequent to updating the Galaxy Buds Live with new features acquired from the most recent Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds a week ago, Samsung is currently turning its consideration towards the older Galaxy Buds+ and is releasing a comparable firmware update with additional features in tow.

The update’s feature is the expansion of Auto Switch. It appeared with the most recent Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds as another feature that permits clients to flawlessly switch between various audio sources on the fly, as long as those audio sources are viable Samsung cell phones or tablets running One UI 3.1.

Cosmic system Buds+ proprietors have two fewer reasons to redesign

Notwithstanding Auto Switch, the most recent firmware update likewise adds the Buds menu control to Bluetooth settings. This makes it simpler for clients to change the earbuds’ settings from the Bluetooth page rather than the dedicated Galaxy Wearable application. The Hearing aid feature, be that as it may, is excluded from this most recent release.

As usual, new firmware updates can be downloaded for the Galaxy Buds+ by means of the Galaxy Wearable application that is running on the associated cell phone. You can recognize the new update by firmware variant R175XXU0AUB3. The bundle gauges somewhat over 1.40MB and the changelog likewise makes reference to the typical system stability and reliability upgrades.