Style, Business, And Class. Mobeen Mian, Entrepreneur, Shows it All.


Sharing other people stories on social media. Ever tried that? Mobeen Mian has. From the good looks to having the education to back it up, to the following on social media in thousands, the American entrepreneur is on the spotlight recently for his collaborative efforts. It has been a difficult year for everyone mostly. During the lockdowns and certain restrictions, social media has become the go-to-spot for most entrepreneurs, business owners, and just everyone in general trying to pass time. Especially  for entrepreneur, Mobeen Mian, the founder/CEO of multimedia brand, #Focuseddd. Branding is important in today’s constantly changing world, and many people struggle to find the time to keep up their consistent routines, passions, and certain endeavors to steady promote themselves.

            The idea of capturing photos and videos began in July 2017, 4 years after it began as a hobby for graduate student Mobeen Mian. The 3 D’s in #FOCUSEDDD, desire, dedication, and devotion, represent a symbol of motivation. The media production company is an established LLC that focuses on capturing uplifting and inspirational content in a person’s life that can be used to promote and spread positive messages. Then it is shared and advertised on social media platforms using photography, videography, and even customized clothing through individual wear. On top of that, the #Focuseddd team works on branding other social media profiles and works on the analytical marketing that increases follower retention for specifically artists and business owners.

             Mobeen Mian is a graduate of the University of North Texas and holds a business administration degree. Mobeen Mian also recently completed his Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, and Mobeen has launched #Focuseddd, his own media production line while he was still studying business administration. From there, conversations about pursuing his doctorate came into play, but were not yet discussed by Mian with the interviewer into depth.


Media Info:

Instagram: @MOBEENMIAN
Instagram: @focuseddd_

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