Now, ChatGPT for Mac is Accessible to Everyone

ChatGPT on your Mac computer is now easier to use. All macOS users can now access OpenAI’s well-known AI chatbot, the company said on Tuesday. Prior to Apple’s WWDC 2024 in June, the app was first made public. At that time, the businesses jointly revealed chatbot interfaces between OpenAI and Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating systems.

After installing the latest ChatGPT program on the latter platform, users can instantly launch ChatGPT by pressing the keyboard shortcut Option + Space.

Because of this, macOS users who frequently use other keyboard shortcuts, including Command + Space to open the search bar to access Spotlight Search, will instantly feel comfortable using the AI chatbot. But with just a single touch, they’ll have access to a more expansive world of knowledge rather than the more conventional search. After it is launched, ChatGPT overlays the screen with a chat interface.

When OpenAI first announced the macOS software, it was a little bit of a blur because it was released alongside GPT-4o, their flagship generative AI model, which promises much more sophisticated intelligence, including the capacity to handle audio and text in addition to video.

In the same press release, ChatGPT’s desktop app was unveiled as a new offering for both free and premium users. At the time, the business said that users could take and discuss screenshots right within the app, and that it could be accessed with a straightforward keyboard shortcut. Through the macOS software, users may also upload files and other photographs, talk to ChatGPT from their desktop, and look through their previous exchanges.

The software has been gradually making its way to Mac users, initially for Plus customers, but the company has revealed in a post on X that it is now accessible to all users.

OpenAI has more integrations with Apple products besides this one. The businesses revealed a more comprehensive agreement at WWDC, which will allow Apple users to access ChatGPT from their iPhones and iPads. This includes using Siri and other apps that potentially benefit from AI, such as Writing Tools. GPT-4o is also the engine behind these integrations, which will be made available to Apple consumers later this year along with the release of Apple’s newest operating systems.