Now is the perfect time to upgrade to the amazing Pixel 7a at almost its lowest price ever

There are a ton of options available if you’re looking for a reliable, reasonably priced Android phone that yet functions well as a portable device. Some mid-range phones, meanwhile, function better than others, and the Google Pixel 7a is one of those that packs a powerful punch considering its cost. a claim that remains valid even at the full $500 price point.

The Pixel 7a, on the other hand, provides an extremely good value at $400, giving the impression of a quality device at a somewhat premium price point. Offering a $100 discount on Google’s previous generation entry-level Pixel smartphone, which outperforms most of its competitors in terms of price and performance, is too good to refuse.

Why the Google Pixel 7a offer is a good value

Offering the best features available while somewhat lowering the hardware to provide a smartphone that feels expensive but is still reasonably priced, Google’s A-series of Pixel phones has always strived to provide an excellent balance between performance and cost. It’s unquestionably one of the greatest Android phones in its class, even though certain compromises are made to get it under $500.

Google’s A-series phones, which imitate many of the features of their flagship counterparts at a lower price point, are mostly to blame for that. There aren’t many significant differences between the Google Pixel 7a and Pixel 7; these are primarily the camera system, battery, and housing.

The Pixel 7a’s camera, while still quite outstanding when compared to other phones in this price range, isn’t as adaptable as the flagship model’s, and its battery life is mediocre at best. It will also be slightly more exposed to the weather due to its lower IP67 classification, therefore investing in a sturdy Pixel 7a case and a dependable screen protector is strongly advised.

Thanks to the $100 price reduction, obtaining both of those becomes much more affordable, allowing you to get a fantastic mid-range phone and necessary accessories without going over budget. Given what the Pixel 7a can provide and the fact that it’s currently one of the greatest Android phone options in this price bracket, it should be the first pick for anyone looking to buy a new phone.