Oculus has switched on remote Air Link PC streaming for the Quest 2

Oculus is switching on its Air Link PC streaming feature for the Quest 2 virtual reality headset. Air Link is part of the Oculus v28 software update, which recently began carrying out to Oculus headset proprietors.

Facebook Reality Labs head Andrew Bosworth says you can discover the feature in the event that you’re running v28 on your PC and Quest 2 headset; in the event that you haven’t gained access to the update yet, “it’s coming very soon.”

Air Link lets Quest 2 proprietors with a strong Wi-Fi connection play PC VR games wirelessly on their headsets. Air Link was at first disabled on v28. In any case, as Upload brings up, Quest 2 proprietors had figured out how to unofficially turn it on, and Oculus had warned that the experience was “not representative” of the final result.

Bosworth says Oculus is releasing the feature today in light of the fact that “the excitement over Air Link can’t be contained”; the release was initially planned for one week from now, so Bosworth’s tweet moves it up by a few days.

Air Link evolved from Oculus Link, which utilized a USB-C link to run PC VR games on the otherwise standalone Oculus Quest line of gadgets. (Oculus says a cable will in any case give you the best graphical fidelity, and dissimilar to Air Link, it will charge your headset while you’re playing.)

A comparable wireless feature was at that point incorporated into Virtual Desktop, a third-party application. Contingent upon performance, Air Link could make Virtual Desktop’s option less interesting to Quest 2 proprietors. Be that as it may, Oculus isn’t as of now carrying the feature to its original Quest headset.

Air Link is likewise classed as an experimental feature. On the off chance that it resembles the original Link, clients can anticipate a few bugs around the launch — yet in any event that launch is coming a little sooner than anticipated.