Are friends necessary for motivation and encouragement?

Have you ever felt really low or depressed, but talking to a friend who can understand you helped lighten up your mood?

Friendships can enrich your life in multiple ways. Friends are people who provide you with a shoulder to cry on. Yet, not everyone you call a friend is your friend. Many people cannot differentiate between who is your friend and who isn’t.

Some people have a large social circle, but not everyone is their friend. What are the makings of a friend? Someone who helps you without expecting anything in return. Who celebrates with you in times of success and listens or cries with you in times of defeat.

Yet, friends are crucial for encouraging and motivating you. They assist you in growing, developing, and revamping your life. While they challenge you to be better, they also make you tougher.

A Sense of Comfort Zone

A good circle of friends can help create your comfort zone. You don’t worry about being judged. Despite your merits or demerits, weaknesses, or bad habits, you are accepted the way you are. There is no reason to pretend to be someone else or add a persona to your face. You can be whom you are without hiding anything. You can be your true self.

True friends help bring ease while supporting and encouraging you. They tolerate your shortcomings and care for you no matter what. You can easily confide in them and comfortably discuss your feelings.

Friends Motivate and Encourage You

Friendships can change your lifestyle and bring positivity to your outlook. A great friendship can have a direct impact on your mental well-being.

Let’s take an example of you working out alone. No matter how dedicated you are, you get demotivated and lazy at some point. But as soon as you find a good gym buddy, your confidence level rises, and you exercise more competitively.

Friends motivate and push you out of your limits to challenge and adapt to different environments. From eliminating your self-doubts and insecurities, friends play a vital role in building your self-esteem and showing your true potential, which even you are unaware of.

They can boost your confidence level and assist you in shining and succeeding.

People Who Beat Your Stress Out

Everyone goes through stressful events and situations, but some people have friends whom they can count on. If you have these reliable people, you are lucky and less likely to go through hard times alone.

Spending some quality time with friends helps in reducing stress. According to a study, social connections work as stress relievers which also help in effective insulin function and immunity.

Friends are people who help with stressful situations and make you happy.

Finalizing the Blog!

Good company of people can mold you into the best version of yourself. These individuals reveal your true potential and are honest with you. They encourage and motivate you to do and become better.

But at times, few people pretend to be your friends, although they aren’t. You are unique and must not depend on anyone for happiness.

If we take the character of Milmon, the flying rabbit from You Can’t Fly, he was mostly isolated but didn’t stop. His self-dependency assisted him in discovering his true potential, and while living in a world full of new faces, Milmon tried to motivate and encourage himself.

Find out if Milmon made any new friends in the new world in a well-written, relatable read by Marcey Perry Morse.