Porsche gets into battery cells, makes new Cellforce battery manufacturing organization

Porsche is getting into battery cells for the first time as it invests in Customcells and makes another organization, Cellforce, with the battery cell producer.

As the world speeds up its change to battery-electric vehicles, a few automakers are assessing how much they need to be associated with battery cells.

Some favor the provider purchaser relationship while others are investing into their own battery cell production.

Porsche, similar to its patent organization Volkswagen, is presently entering the latter’s camp.

The German automaker reported that it began battery cell production through an investment in Customcells, a battery cell producer, and another joint-venture organization made with the new partnership, which will be called Cellforce.

The emphasis is on “high performance battery cells.”

A few insights regarding the new cells were released, similar to silicon used in the anode material and BAS’s high-energy HED NCM cathode materials.

Torge Thönnessen, CEO of Customcells, said that the planned production capacity will be restricted to 100 MWh for now.

For the present, it seems like the cells will be used only for high-performance motorsport vehicles, yet Porsche takes note of that its customer vehicles are additionally profiting with any improvement in motorsports.