Rajesh Bethireddy is the next fashion icon from India

It is not easy to survive in fashion industry in the present generation due to the heavy competation around the globe.Everytime fashion makes its own kind of change according to the trend going on.
Rajesh Bethireddy who is professional model and influencer is catching the people’s attention with his astonishing looks and stunning body langauge.

Rajesh Bethireddy is a software engineer by profession and model by his passion.
He participated in “Top International Model Hunt 2020” and he got Mr.Congenial which is apt for him.
Rajesh Bethireddy is the latest name in the fashion industry where everybody is talking about his looks and the way he carries himself in the outfits.

Rajesh Bethireddy has immense talent to showcase himself in different types of outfits and getting in to somebodies skin for the character he plays.It is evident that he is followed by so many youngsters in the country who are very passionate about mens fashion and influencer marketing.

He started Instagram while ago under his name @rajeshbethireddy and he got 14,000 followers which tells he is the next gem of the fashion industry and he is the one who will set the trend soon.
Rajesh Bethireddy is involved in so many brand collaborations like kalon natural,menslab,dialysuvichar store,wildstone etc.His recent campaign with wildstone sense perfume became sensation in his instagram handle and attracted by so many people.

His line of statement “Passion is the only way that makes you feel your working day as holiday”