RebuMiner, GBT Prices, RebuMiner Goal All You Need to Know

Since Ethereums popularity earlier this year, weve seen a plethora of gaming graphics cards repurposed for mining, often in exorbitant quantities. With a silicone shortage expected until 2021, miners may have to consider alternative GPU solutions. ASICs (including application-specific circuits) enter the picture. RebuMiner (, a company that specializes in crypto-specific ASICs, has released a line of ASIC miners specifically designed for cryptocurrency.

The release is, however, a little late because the graphics card market has been irreparably damaged at this point. Furthermore, once Ethereum transitions to a stake model that assigns value based on your own value rather than a work model proof that assigns value based on your production capacity, the miner will be burdened with a costly weight.

Instead of the graphics cards going to cryptocurrency miners, the miners will be busy on ASIC miners, and consumers will eventually be able to get their hands on the latest graphic cards.

RebuMiners long term goal

RebuMiners mission is to make crypto mining simple and profitable for everyone, including newcomers. Anyone can begin extracting these miners by plugging the unit into an outlet, connecting the system via WiFi or a cable, and entering the pool data. Users can also join RebuMiners mining pool, which charges a 0% commission. Customers delivery and customs fees are also covered by the company.