Rohit Jangid All Set to become Fashion Model Leading the Fashion Industry || The Unstoppable Magazine

The glamour industry has much to demand from aspiring models who want to make a career in it. Hailing from Jaipur, the Pink City of the country, he has remained an aspiring model as this field has always attracted himself a lot. He loves to dance and wants to enjoy all the happiness along with having the power to do a number of things in his life. He has bagged several awards that has remained his achievement in this field. 

He loves to dance and wants to give his happiness and the power of everything in his life and he said he has so many achievements in the dance field. He intends to be a big fashion model and lead several campaigns in the fashion industry. Being a dancer since his childhood, he wanted to move ahead and establish his niche in the fashion industry. However, when he decided to take a plunge in modeling, he did not get any support from many of his friends and family members. 

Only his uncle Mr. Harish Jangid supported and motivated him and he thanked him a lot. He is not progressing towards his dream career and sooner or later he is going to do well in the modeling field. He intends to change his life and make his family feel proud about him.  He says he believes a lot in himself and is very much sure about the fact that he would do wonders in his chosen field. He intends to go a long way and this way he intends to go a long way.