Saira Banu writes a heartfelt note and spends New Year’s Eve with Aamir Khan and family

Using Instagram to share photos of their get-together, veteran actor Saira Banu rang in the New Year with Aamir Khan, his mother Zeenat Hussain, and his ex-wife Kiran Rao. She reflected on the strong relationship that Aamir had with her late husband, Dilip Kumar, and acknowledged Aamir’s steadfast assistance in trying times.

The private get-together was documented in the uploaded pictures, where Saira was seated on a couch and Aamir was on the ground next to her. Nikhat Khan, Aamir’s sister, and his mother were also there, and Kiran was lounging on the couch chatting with them.

Aamir wore grey pants and a black t-shirt, Kiran wore a printed top with jeans, and Saira accessorized a white ensemble. In her caption, Saira discussed how time passes and how important relationships never change.

She highlighted the long-lasting bond between Aamir and Dilip Kumar, emphasizing Aamir’s abiding respect for the late actor and Dilip Sahib’s sincere gratitude for Aamir’s ability to bring characters to life on screen. Saira emphasised Aamir’s authenticity and true nature beyond the glamour of the film industry, thanking him for his support during the writing of Dilip Sahib’s autobiography.

Saira spoke warmly of their New Year’s celebration, inviting Aamir, Kiran, and Zeenat Aapa into her house, enjoying meaningful talks, and remembering special times spent with Dilip Sahib. She ended by wishing everyone a happy new year and emphasized the importance of long-lasting bonds that endure the test of time.