Samsung Presents Every Galaxy S24 Owner With An Unexpected Free Offer

Pre-ordering a flagship phone from Samsung will get you exciting freebies when the company launches the three new Galaxy S24 smartphones later this month.

It’s commonly anticipated that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra at an event called Galaxy Unpacked on January 17. Prior to the end of the month, the phones should be available for purchase in select areas. To boost sales, a pre-order window will be open during which time customers can take advantage of multiple free offers.

Firstly, customers can upgrade to the next model at no additional cost by choosing “double your storage.” For example, if you purchase the 128 GB model of the Galaxy S24, you will receive the 256 GB model, and if you purchase the 512 GB model of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, you will receive the 1TB model. Either way, it’s an alluring choice for people on a tight budget. You could think of it as a discount on models with more storage or as twice your memory.

Next are the extra accessories. Every purchaser of a Galaxy S24 is anticipated to receive a discount from Samsung on the Galaxy Watch smartwatches and the Galaxy Buds Fan Edition wireless headphones. The Galaxy S23 FE smartphone and the most recent Buds FE were released towards the end of the previous year. The Buds FE cost $99 and included active noise cancellation and a transparency mode.

Launched in the summer of 2023 for $299, the Galaxy Watch 6 boasts a slimmer bezel, longer battery life, and WearOS 4.

It’s still unclear which accessories and how much of a discount will be included with which phones. In contrast, Google gave pre-orders of the Pixel 8 smartphone a free pair of Pixel Buds Pro and pre-orders of the Pixel 8 Pro a free Pixel Watch 2.

Samsung’s S24 portfolio will come in a variety of colors, some of which will only be accessible online. It is anticipated that the 1 TB storage option will only be available online, so those seeking for the highest-specced Galaxy S24 Ultra will have to place their order via Samsung’s website.

According to recent leaks regarding possible European prices, the Galaxy S24 and S24+ will cost slightly less than comparable S23 models. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will cost more than the Galaxy S23 Ultra from last year at the same time.