Stay Established Is JDaGr8’s End Of The Summer Single

BAM! JDaGr8 has done it again! The Houston rapper’s new single is a strong ending to the summer and it seems like he is only getting started. When the beat drops, you hear the energy and power in the tone of his voice along with a Houston twang to top it all off.

2019 summer has been a year of hits and JDaGr8 has tossed his bid into the mix. Was there a calculated reason for him to drop it at summer’s end? We’ll never know but one thing we can bet on is that the Houston native is nowhere near done and we’ll be hearing more from him very soon.

Although in 2019 it may be easy to start making music and call yourself a rapper. But coming from the real streets of Houston along with the list of rappers to do it big from that exact city comes with a bar set so you can’t just play with it.

JDaGr8 isn’t playing with it and is making the most of his opportunities. There is a sure shot that we hear this followed up with another banger from JDaGr8. Until then, make sure that you stream and download “Stay Established” on all streaming platforms.