Tesla provides free Supercharging miles and begins shipping vehicles with less than 50% charge

For safety reasons, Tesla is beginning to ship its electric vehicles with a 50% state-of-charge. In recompense, it is offering customers 150 free Supercharging kilometers.

At the point when you take delivery of a new electric car, it is favored that it is fully charged so you can appreciate it immediately.

Tesla generally attempted to deliver its vehicles with however much charge as could be expected inside the conditions, which can frequently be troublesome – particularly during the end-of-quarter delivery pushes.

Tesla has begun informing some customers that it may deliver some vehicles with a state-of-charge below 50 percent:

Since the fire on the Felicity Ace cargo ship, this probably has a harder time being enforced. The fire’s cause is still unknown, despite the fact that the ships contained electric vehicles.

Tesla says that as recompense for the inconvenience, it will provide affected customers with 150 kilometers of free Supercharging:

We are giving you 150 km of free Supercharger for the burden. Your Tesla app will allow you to use your Supercharging credits in the Loot Box within a few days of delivery:

Since Tesla ships a lot of vehicles from its Gigafactory Shanghai facility in China, this likely only affects customers who take delivery of vehicles that were shipped by sea, which is an increasing number of vehicles these days.