Tesla Unveils the Model Y, With Additional Features

That implies that, at least in certain European nations, there are currently four Model Y variations available. The configurators indicate that, among other places, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Germany, and Norway are among those where the long-range version is offered. But, for example, it is not (yet) available in France, the Netherlands, or the UK.

The “Rear-Wheel Drive” base model of the Model Y is equipped with an LFP battery and has a WLTP range of up to 455 kilometers. There is a 600-kilometer range between charges for the new “Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive” model. It is equipped with the same round cell battery (2170) as the all-wheel drive variants. The second motor allows the “Long Range All-Wheel Drive” to accelerate more quickly—5.0 seconds as opposed to 5.9 seconds to reach 100 kph—but its WLTP range is just 533 kilometers. The Model Y Performance, designated as the “Performance All-Wheel Drive” model in the configurator, is the highest model.

As is customary, Tesla’s configurator offers very little details regarding the drive itself. The purportedly leaked type approval lists a torque of 350 Nm and an output of 220 kW. According to reports, consumption is 15.5 kWh/100 km, allowing for a considerable range with a known battery. The all-wheel drive variant uses 16.9 kWh/100 km in contrast.

One noteworthy nuance is that, according to the WLTP, Tesla has just one validated rim version. These were the 20-inch rims for the Model Y “Long Range All-Wheel Drive,” for instance, which covered 533 kilometers. The EV’s “estimated” range with the 19-inch rims and aero hubcaps was formerly stated to be 565 kilometers. According to WLTP, 600 kilometers are possible with the 19-inch wheels and 565 kilometers with the 20-inch induction wheels in the Tesla models that have been certified for the “Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive.” Stated differently, although a paper comparison of the WLTP ranges indicates that the rear-wheel drive model delivers over 70 km longer range, in reality, the gap is closer to 30 miles when comparing the identical rims.

Other than that, the equipment and charging efficiency appear to be the same as the Model Y with the same battery and all-wheel drive that are now on the market. The cost is where the differences are found, though. In Germany, for instance, the new model costs roughly 6,000 euros less than the all-wheel drive model. This discrepancy cannot be explained by the front electric motor’s missing parts alone.

There is a much smaller gap in other nations. The new model option is only 3,000 euros less expensive than the all-wheel drive version in Belgium, where it starts at 49,970 euros. Denmark and Spain, for example, are comparable.

Additionally, the new version is constructed in Grünheide. The availability of these drives is fairly comparable to that of all other drive types; nevertheless, it is 2-4 weeks for the new model, while it is 2-3 weeks in the configurator.