Navigating the Red Light Therapy Market: Comparing Body Balance System with Competitors

The red light therapy industry has seen a surge in innovation, with various products catering to different needs and budgets. Understanding the differences between these devices is crucial for consumers and businesses looking to invest in this technology.

We took to email to reach out to Micheal Londo, CEO and Founder of Body Balance System, to compare his products against competitors. The results are fascinating.

This article delves into the comparative analysis of Body Balance System’s offerings against other notable products in the market, such as the Hooga Health HGPRO300 and Joovv Solo 3.0.

Body Balance System’s Superior Diode Count

One of the standout features of Body Balance System’s products, like the ApolloGLOW, is their impressive diode count. For instance, ApolloGLOW boasts 170 diodes, significantly higher than the Hooga Health HGPRO300’s 60 dual-chip LEDs. This higher diode count translates to broader coverage and more effective treatment, making it a preferred choice for comprehensive skincare and wellness treatments.

“Our commitment at Body Balance System extends beyond creating advanced red light therapy solutions; we focus on providing customers with unparalleled efficacy and coverage in every session,” said CEO and Founder of Body Balance System, Micheal Londo. “The ApolloGLOW, with its industry-leading 170 diodes, exemplifies our dedication to superior product quality and performance. We care about delivering real, tangible benefits to our users.”

Comparatively, while products like the Hooga Health HGPRO300 do offer value, Body Balance System’s higher diode count is designed to ensure that clients receive the most comprehensive skincare and wellness treatments available. It’s this commitment to excellence and innovation that sets them apart in the red light therapy market.

Further, The Ovation™ Bed by Body Balance System elevates the standard for diode count within the industry, embodying its commitment to superior efficacy and coverage. This marvel of engineering not only utilizes an unparalleled number of diodes, but does so in a manner that maximizes therapeutic benefit across the entire body.

The extensive diode array within the Ovation™ Bed ensures uniform light exposure, crucial for delivering consistent and effective treatment outcomes. Such innovation is reflective of Body Balance’s mission to pioneer advancements in red light therapy, providing clients with a comprehensive wellness solution. The Ovation Bed underscores Londo’s dedication to excellence, offering a revolutionary approach to health and wellness that is unmatched in scope and effectiveness.

Comparing Irradiance Levels

Irradiance, or the intensity of light emitted by the device, is a critical factor in red light therapy’s effectiveness. The HGPRO300 offers a decent irradiance of 109mW/cm2 at 6 inches, suitable for targeted, budget-friendly treatments.

To articulate the distinction in measurement techniques and their implications on treatment efficacy, it is important to note that Body Balance System’s approach involves conducting irradiance readings directly atop the clear plastic cover of their devices. This method stands in contrast to that employed by its competitors, who typically measure irradiance at the diode level — before placing the necessary plastic overtop. The significant discrepancy arises from the material properties of the clear plastic used in competitor systems, which weaken the emitted light’s strength by approximately 65-70%. This loss substantially diminishes the effective treatment power delivered to the patient.

Following this explanation, it is noteworthy that the products developed by Body Balance System consistently outperform those of its competitors in terms of potency and efficacy. A prime example of their technological superiority is the ApolloARC, a device tailored for body treatments. This particular model achieves an extraordinary irradiance of 191 mw/cm2, far surpassing the outputs of leading competitors. As a result, the ApolloARC facilitates more intensive therapy sessions, thereby enhancing treatment outcomes for clients.

“Irradiance plays a pivotal role in the efficacy of red light therapy, and at Body Balance System, we prioritize delivering products that exceed industry standards for intensity and effectiveness,” Londo said. “We offer clients a more potent, comprehensive therapy solution.”

The HGPRO300 by Hooga Health represents a solid option for those seeking targeted treatments. However, the ApolloARC raises the bar, offering an extraordinary irradiance. Such advancements in Body Balance’s products underscore their relentless pursuit of innovation, ensuring that they provide the most intensive and beneficial treatment options on the market.

Clearly, irradiance is a critical measure of a device’s therapeutic potential.

For example, the Ovation™ Bed sets a new benchmark with its impressive irradiance levels, far surpassing those of conventional models on the market. This remarkable achievement translates to more potent and penetrating treatments, capable of addressing a wide range of health and wellness concerns more efficiently.

The engineering behind the Ovation™ Bed ensures that its superior irradiance is delivered safely and evenly, promoting optimal health benefits without compromising user comfort.

Assessing Size and Portability for Different Spaces

When it comes to accommodating red light therapy devices in smaller spaces, the size and portability of the equipment are key considerations. The Joovv Solo 3.0, while offering over 100 mW/cm2 irradiance and customizable options via a mobile app, comes at a higher price point and larger size.

This makes it less ideal for smaller spaces or businesses that require more portable solutions. In contrast, Body Balance System’s ApolloGLOW and ApolloARC are designed with space constraints in mind, offering powerful therapy in more compact and maneuverable designs.

“Understanding clients’ needs for space-efficient solutions is paramount,” Londo said. “While the Joovv Solo 3.0 provides commendable performance with its high irradiance and digital customization, its larger footprint and premium pricing may not align with the requirements of those limited by space or seeking more mobile options. We’ve carefully crafted our ApolloGLOW and ApolloARC models to bridge this gap. These devices embody our commitment to delivering powerful, effective therapy in designs that respect the practical constraints of both personal and professional settings. We offer versatility without compromise, ensuring clients enjoy the full benefits of red light therapy, regardless of space availability.”

Now, while the Ovation™ Bed represents the pinnacle of red light therapy technology in terms of performance, its design also reflects a deep understanding of the practical needs of clients. Despite its comprehensive capabilities, the bed has been crafted with an emphasis on user-friendly dimensions and ease of integration into diverse spaces. This thoughtful approach ensures that the benefits of the Ovation™ Bed are accessible to a broad audience due to its proprietary shape.

The comfort and ergonomic design of the Ovation™ Bed exemplify forward-thinking, in that the bed itself curves to the body, rather than going with the typical ‘tanning bed’-shaped approach.

“In creating the Ovation™ Bed, we have envisioned a future where advanced wellness therapies can be seamlessly incorporated into everyday life, offering transformative health benefits in the most convenient and accessible manner to as many people as possible,” Londo said.

Making an Informed Choice

Choosing the right red light therapy device for your spa, gym, or wellness center depends on your clients’ specific needs, your space constraints, and your budget considerations.

While budget-friendly options like the HGPRO300 cater to targeted treatments, products like ApolloGLOW, ApolloARC, and Ovation™ Bed from Body Balance System offer comprehensive solutions with higher diode counts and irradiance levels. Understanding these differences is crucial for making an informed decision that aligns with individual or business objectives in the realm of health and wellness.

“As leaders in health and wellness, our mission at Body Balance System is to empower our clients with the knowledge and tools necessary for transformative health experiences,” Londo said. “Choosing the right device is a significant decision, one that should be informed by an understanding of your unique needs, the spaces you operate within, and your financial framework. Our products are designed to offer not just superior quality and performance, but also to align with the diverse requirements of your clients, ensuring that every investment in their wellness is a step towards a more vibrant, healthful future. I hope this interview guides readers in making that choice, one illuminated step at a time.”

About Micheal Londo

Micheal Londo, founder and CEO, started Body Balance System to help his daughter who was born with a rare disorder and he found a need in the health industry. Today the company is proud to present the OvationULT bed as the most effective red-light bed in the industry and the ONLY bed designed for red-light therapy. To learn more, please visit