The Masked Dancer uncovers Cricket is a Grammy-nominated superstar

The Masked Dancer, the similarly odd and wonderful spin-off of The Masked Singer US, has uncovered the celebrity identity behind another of its contenders.

Following the exposing of Bill Nye and Elizabeth Smart, yesterday’s (January 20) scene of The Masked Dancer at last addressed the topic of who’s behind the Cricket mask – and, once more, one of the judges got it right.

In the wake of performing to Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It, Cricket’s time on the competition came to an end, affirming judge Paula Abdul’s doubt that Cricket was none other than singer-songwriter Brian McKnight.

Addressing Variety about his experience on the show, the 16-time Grammy-nominated artist conceded that he was at first waiting for a call to partake on The Masked Singer.

“I’m sure I’m not the only quote-unquote ‘celebrity’ sitting at home watching these shows unfold, saying, ‘How come I haven’t gotten the call for this? Have people forgotten about me?’

“So when you get the call, you’re like, ‘Yeah I’m gonna do The Masked Dancer!'”

Concerning his moving experience, McKnight uncovered that his speciality has consistently been musical instruments. “I never thought that dancing would be a part of what I was doing, so I never focused on it”, he said.

“I kind of move around on stage, I am very self-deprecating on stage. I kind of dance, but not really.”

Pondering the difficulties of acting in a giant Cricket outfit, he added: “To do full on dance moves with choreography was kind of a daunting task for me.” We’re not amazed.