The Sensefolio Hub the ultimate tool that helps finance professionals with ESG data

Sensefolio Hub is a AI tool  that has been launched by the company Sensefolio to provide investment professionals with accurate, transparent, and unbiased environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data. ESG data refers to information about a company’s environmental, social, and governance practices and performance. This type of data is often used by investors to assess a company’s sustainability and responsible business practices. By providing accurate, transparent, and unbiased ESG data, Sensefolio Hub may help investment professionals make informed decisions about which companies to invest in based on their ESG practices and performance.

Sensefolio helps you filter your ESG portfolio. There ESG scores are updated daily. New information about a company or country are fetched automatically in to the system. That’s how Sensefolio Hub always provide you updated information. Every day, millions of company reviews and social media posts are analyzed. But that’s not all. It also integrates company reports and financial news. It doesn’t miss any new information. Then it applies machine learning and Natural language Processing NLP algorithms to read all the necessary and meaningful information integrate into your system. There AI algorithms do the work for you!

“Sensefolio Hub goal is to provide their clients with a more convenient and user-friendly platform where they can track and monitor the ESG of their portfolio holdings across a wide range of criteria such as air quality, work-to-work ratio and transparency. Metrics such as payouts, CO2 emissions, gender equality, energy intensity per turnover, or various ESG policies currently in place for the company. Simply upload your portfolio to get the ESG score for each asset along with all relevant information. They want their customers to have complete confidence in Sensefolio’s ESG scores,” said Olivier Khatib, CTO and Chief Data Scientist at Sensefolio.

Sensefolio Hub allows companies to integrate and fetch ESG data in real time. For more information about Sensefolio visit us at or

About SenseFolio

Sensefolio was founded in the year 2015 by Antoine Khatib and Olivier Khatib to assess companies’ efforts on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. The service initially included a public forum where a former or current employee could evaluate his company’s ESG commitment and internal vision. However, with the advent of computer processing power and machine learning/natural language processing (NLP) techniques, Sensefolio is taking advantage of the latter and becoming sophisticated enough to aggregate, read, and analyze various sources of information for evaluation and monitoring. developed an algorithm that In near real time he has access to over 20,000 companies. Since then, Sensefolio integrating over 100,000 different sources of information. This includes company reports, company reviews, social media posts, and financial news.