What Makes “Viral Modi” a Completely Different Content Creator?

Have you ever been so crazy about something that you went out of your comfort zone to put in some intense effort for that particular thing?Have you ever been so in love with doing a certain thing that you did not even realise that all your time had been consumed?Today we are going to talk about such a passionate woman who has never failed to give her 100% in her videos, where she can be seen dancing and acting to evergreen songs.

Upasana Modi, also known by the name “Viral Modi,” comes from the “textile hub of India,” Ahmedabad. Social media platforms like Instagram, Tiki, Josh, Rizzle, Moj, and others have gotten great content from Viral Modi. Fans are going crazy about her, and their love for Upasana can be found in the comment section.

The way Viral Modi fills her video with creative elements is unparalleled. Viral Modi says, “I always had that acting keeda in me.” “All I needed was a platform to let that keeda out.”Seeing the support of her fans from the very beginning, Viral Modi got enough motivation to make more quality content by choosing the most suitable songs with the most suitable locations, the most suitable outfits, and the most suitable animals.

The word “animals” is a rather less frequently heard term when it comes to making videos for online platforms. The fact that she involves animals in her videos is itself an example of her passion for her content. Viral Modi actually had a training session with the rented horse that she used in her videos. This is what makes Viral Modi stand out from her fellow content creators.

After spending a long swath of 6-7 years on these platforms, Viral Modi has mastered the statistics of these platforms. Her videos get uploaded with consistency, and that too with perfect quality content.She started her journey with Tik Tok itself. But after its ban, she got a long break. Soon after the introduction of applications like Instagram, Tiki, Josh, and Rizzle, Moj Viral Modi got a push again to work hard for her passion. Being simultaneously active on multiple platforms is a real task, which Viral Modi carries out efficiently.

Viral Modi’s videos get a special push from the platforms that she performs on. It seems like the platforms themselves can see the efforts that Viral Modi puts into her videos. Viral Modi doesn’t only make the most of her time but also makes each video worth her fans’ time, which they spend on her videos.