The truth about cosmetic dentistry explained by Dr. Amit Asudani

There are many misconceptions about cosmetic procedures, especially within the world of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry has helped people achieve the smile of their dreams for years, but most aren’t aware of the importance of its procedures. 

Renowned cosmetic orthodontist Dr. Amit Asudani has dedicated his professional life to helping people attain the smile they have always wanted. Here Dr. Asudani debunks five myths about cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry is only aesthetic – The idea that cosmetic dentistry procedures are only undertaken for aesthetic reasons is perhaps the longest-held myth about the practice. There are many ways in which these procedures can improve your oral health. Dental veneers can protect teeth with thin enamel, and dental crowns can protect broken or cracked teeth.

Every cosmetic dentistry procedure is a major one – Many believe that undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure involves the use of anesthesia and will significantly change the patient’s smile. There are actually many simple procedures that a patient can have completed during their lunch break, such as dental bonding to repair a chipped tooth and teeth whitening to achieve the brightest of smiles!

Cosmetic dentistry is detrimental to your oral health – Another long-held misconception about cosmetic dentistry is that it will sacrifice your oral health to achieve aesthetic results. This couldn’t be further from the truth; your oral health remains the number one priority to your cosmetic orthodontist. Every procedure is undertaken to enhance the overall condition of your teeth.

The results will look unnatural – The belief that undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure will leave you with an unnatural, fake-looking smile is totally false. This misconception was likely born from the results of cosmetic dental procedures of the past, where a lack of specialized technology left teeth looking artificial. Over the last few years, there have been considerable advancements in dentistry, with every smile looking natural and authentic.

Cosmetic dentistry is too expensive to be accessible to everyone – The ability to change your smile and give yourself the teeth of your dreams is often considered a vain desire that could cost a lot to achieve. This is not the case; there are many procedures that you can undergo that will not result in huge bills. The advancements in dental technology mean that what once might have been a costly procedure can now be completed by your cosmetic orthodontist affordably in their clinic. For example, dental crowns can now be designed and milled in the dental clinic, cutting down costs that would have been associated with having to outsource the process.

Overall, the real-world benefits of cosmetic dentistry easily outweigh the myths that have developed about it over the years. If you want to attain the smile of your dreams, in Dr. Amit Asudani’s care, you can discover the real-life magic that cosmetic dentistry can achieve.