This Tech Startup Brings Exciting News for the YouTube Community

The pandemic may have caused the world to slow down, but has been seeing an exponential rise in the demand for digital innovations. Addressing one of those demands, an Indian tech startup based out of Gandhinagar, Gujarat, has launched an app called Fancall – a platform that connects YouTubers and their viewers via personal and secure video calls sans third-party involvement.

This app is the culmination of months of thorough study and extensive research done in order to identify the requirements of both YouTube content creators and viewers. In a world that has essentially begun to blur global boundaries via the internet, it was time to bridge the gap a little more seamlessly. And this is exactly what Fancall promises to do.

It is an innovation that establishes a safe, secure, direct channel for a tête-à-tête between YouTubers and their viewers, through personal video calls. It helps bring YouTubers closer to their fans, their viewers, their admirers, and even those looking to present them with collaboration opportunities. Additionally, it serves as a way to add to their traditional sources of revenue, while helping them grow their channel(s).

No more unnecessary complications, endless waits, third-party interventions before connecting with a YouTube influencer. One simply needs to register on the app, search for their desired YouTuber, book a slot by compensating them for their time, and wait for the scheduled day and time to come around. It really is as simple as it sounds.

To quote the founder and CEO of Fancall, Mr. Akash Chaudhary himself, “We here at Fancall are relentlessly innovating the platform for communication to feel as easy and as personal as possible. We created this platform for its users to make it their own.”

A digital revolution is afoot and it promises to make things much more efficient. You can download the app from Play Store or App Store.