At Florida SpaceX Launched with 23 Starlink Satellites

This was SpaceX’s 29th flight of the year, and it was launched from Space Launch Complex 40 on Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

SpaceX has already launched ten times this month, and if weather or technical difficulties don’t prevent it, they may launch three more times.

In order to reach the target of 148 launches in a calendar year, SpaceX will need to fly an average of 12 rockets every month, but they are demonstrating that they are more than capable of doing so while still operating a fleet of Falcon 9 rockets and brand-new 2nd stages.

The satellites of Starlink Group 6-46, which was launched to the southeast last night, were positioned in an orbit with an inclination of 43 degrees, similar to previous group 6 missions. Although an earlier launch window was intended for the mission, SpaceX decided to postpone it by a few hours in order to safely launch the Falcon 9.

With this mission’s success, there are currently 5,680 Starlink satellites in orbit overall.

Regarding the Falcon 9’s mission launch, Booster 1078 made a flawless eighth flight. Just 40 days have passed since B1078’s launch, which carried a classified cargo into orbit for the US Space Force. Launching Crew 6 in March 2023, B1078’s maiden mission, it has gone on to launch most other Starlink missions.

After barely eight and a half minutes of takeoff, the Falcon 9 made a safe landing on the droneship “A Shortfall of Gravitas.” In order to get ready for its ninth mission, it will now return to Port Canaveral.

The next launch from Vandenberg Space Force Base to transport more Starlink satellites into orbit is scheduled for Wednesday, March 27. As previously announced, SpaceX may conduct at least three more launches this month.