Tokyo Olympics should be ‘reconsidered’ because of Japan’s inability to contain the pandemic

Japan’s inability to contain the COVID-19 pandemic implies that intends to hold the Olympics in Tokyo ought to be reconsidered, health experts wrote in an analysis.

The 2020 Games, effectively delayed by one year, are because of start in less than 100 days, even as Japan extends quasi-emergency measures to end a fourth wave of diseases.

Japan has displayed “poor performance” in containing virus transmission, alongside restricted testing capacity and a lethargic immunization rollout, as per the commentary published in the British Medical Journal on Wednesday.

“Plans to hold the Olympic and Paralympic games this summer must be reconsidered as a matter of urgency,” wrote lead author Kazuki Shimizu of the London School of Economics.

“Holding Tokyo 2020 for domestic political and economic purposes–ignoring scientific and moral imperatives–is contradictory to Japan’s commitment to global health and human security.”

The analysis adds to a drum beat of uncertainty among medical professionals that the Olympics can be done securely this summer. A survey of in excess of 1,000 Japanese specialists a month ago showed that 75% trusted it was smarter to defer the Games, as per physician referral organization Ishinotomo.

Kyoto University professor Hiroshi Nishiura, a counselor to the public government’s pandemic reaction, asked in a magazine commentary this week that authorities delay the Olympics one year to consider more opportunity to immunize the public.

Japan started its vaccination push in February, later than most significant economies. Just 0.9% of the Japanese public have gotten their first shot up until this point, contrasted and 2.5% in South Korea, and 48% in the United Kingdom.

Olympic and government authorities have said further deferment of the Games is impossible.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said on Thursday the public authority would do “everything possible” to forestall further disease in front of the Games, after a decision party official said dropping the occasion stayed an alternative.