An Altcoin From 2013 Is Making a Huge Comeback

First there was Bitcoin.  Then other crypto currencies joined the foray.  One of the earliest was DigitalCoin ($DGC), which was designed to improve upon the limitations of Bitcoin and Litecoin.  At one point DigitalCoin ranked among the top 10 cryptos, but as time went on it fell into obscurity.  However, although hundreds of “altcoins” have become defunct due to disinterest, poor design, or loss of wallets, DigitalCoin—also known as DigiCoin—has kept chugging along, and for good reason.

DigitalCoin maintains a key strength of Bitcoin: namely, scarcity.  Whereas many other coins have grown in popularity, they have hit the ceiling of over-circulation, but Bitcoin has skyrocketed because of scarcity.  There are less than 20 million Bitcoins circulating.  There are 37 million DigitalCoins circulating.  But there are 129 billion Dogecoins, 115 million Ethereum, and 67 million Litecoins.

Another key strength of $DGC is that transactions are secure, but much faster: 15X faster than Bitcoin and 4X faster than Litecoin.  Blocks can be hashed using Scrypt, X11, or SHA-256 algorithms.  The scarcity and superior design of $DGC has suddenly caught the attention of investors looking for the bargain investment.  And with only 37 million in circulation, and trading for three to four cents, $DGC seems to be just the ticket.  In just the past couple of months $DGC has skyrocketed 2,000 percent, but scarcity could bring it to $10, or even higher, especially following the April 14th IPO of Coinbase and the surge of money into the burgeoning crypto market.